At DNA Sports, we believe the creation of an athletic training curriculum is critical for athletic associations, school athletic programs, and community leagues.

The DNA Sports Coaching Curriculum Development Seminar provides youth baseball leagues and youth baseball coaches the tools to create a training curriculum that establishes a coaching consistency within age groups and a developmental progression across age groups. Our curriculum standardizes youth baseball best practices and facilitates learning though an integrated body of knowledge, principles, values, and skills.

The training curriculum covers in detail:

  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Outfield Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Infield Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Catching – Behind the Plate Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Baserunning Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Hitting Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Pitching Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Team Defense
  • Position Specific Functional Training
  • Athletic Conditioning and Injury Prevention
  • Youth Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Successful Coaching (As Established in Coaching Certification Course)
  • Indoor Practices — Set-up and Execution
  • Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Practices

Check out the videos below to get a sampling of the professional training you'll receive at our Coaching Clinics



After a series of one-on-one hitting clinics, you will:

  • Eliminate of lunging, drifting, and front-side hitting
  • Properly use of lower body rotation
  • Maximize torque, bat speed, and power
  • Consistently keep your hands inside the baseball
  • Possess dynamic balance and minimal head movement
  • Consistently make contact
  • Hit to all fields with power




After a series of one-on-one pitching clinics, you will:

  • Increase your velocity, control, movement, and command
  • Possess a smooth and fluid delivery
  • Maximize the use of hips and legs throughout the delivery
  • Consistently locate the fastball and change speeds
  • Decrease stress levels on the arm, elbow, and shoulder


Our one-on-one fielding clinics, focus on:

  • Throwing mechanics: grip, arm angle, balance, and follow through
  • Outfield fundamentals and techniques: positioning, footwork, fly ball mechanics, communication, and cut throws
  • Infield fundamentals and techniques: footwork, positioning, angles, ball transfer, communication, double play feeds, and taking cuts from the outfield
  • Catching (behind the plate) fundamentals and techniques: receiving, throwing, blocking, framing, tag plays, and communication