DNA Sports’ Coaching Certification Clinics provide coaches of all sports with the education and tools needed to promote mutual respect, cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We also focus on building self-esteem and discipline in all student athletes.

We believe winning takes secondary importance to the social, emotional and physical development of every student-athlete involved.  This approach is based on the belief that potential for athletic excellence and success cannot always be identified at an early age. Young athletes will frequently blossom and attain success in later years given the right opportunity to compete and develop their skills.

Naturally, a student athlete’s success depends greatly on the commitment, dedication and coaching education of all adult coaches involved in the growth of the student athlete.

Successful coaches:

  • Help athletes master new skills, enjoy competition with others, and help young athletes feel good about themselves;
  • Are well versed in the techniques and skills of their sport;
  • Understand how to effectively teach those skills through age-appropriate exercises and drills;
  • Teach and model skills needed for successful daily living outside of sports.

The DNA Sports Coaching Certification Program is a two-part seminar covering critical topics such as:

  • Injury: prevention, care, and management
  • Social, emotional, and athletic growth
  • Training, conditioning, and nutrition
  • Social and psychological aspects of coaching
  • Motivation for young athletes
  • Skill development
  • Dynamic practice organization
  • Professional preparation
  • Team building
  • Game management, tactics, and strategies


Professional Coaches Manual

How to Effectively Teach Youth Baseball and Encourage Skill Development

Youth coaching is not about winning games. It is about helping athletes master new skills, enjoy competition and develop a team first attitude. We wrote this manual to help both first-time and seasoned coaches effectively teach youth baseball and encourage skill development.


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