The College Recruitment Preparatory Program helps high school freshmen and sophomores prepare physically and mentally for the college baseball and softball recruitment process that begins September 1st of their junior year.

 The Program focuses on the recruitment education, skills development, and personal development required to maximize student athletes’ recruiting potential and to achieve success in the recruiting process.

The Preparatory Program includes:

  • An honest, objective, unbiased academic and athletic evaluation
  • A personalized training regimen
  • An individual recruiting seminar, designed to establish academic and athletic goals
  • Techniques to develop and apply traits, processes, and habits that simulate the preparation of elite performers
  • A comprehensive recruiting manual that covers key topics, including NCAA rules/regulations, responding to written communication, effective follow-up etiquette, and the negotiation process

The complete College Recruitment Preparatory Program starts at $325. We also offer customized programs starting at $175.

For high school juniors and seniors, check out our College Recruitment Guidance Program.

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Download our College Recruiting Manual

Recruited: A College Recruiting Manual

How High School Athletes Can Effectively Market Themselves to College Baseball and Softball Coaches

The college recruiting process can often be a difficult and confusing process. Our college recruiting manual will help guide you through the process and make it work for you. Once you understand the recruiting rules and the necessary steps to get started, you are well on your way to realizing your dream of playing college baseball or softball.

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