Rebecca Landis
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“DNA Sports has a solid understanding of muscle movements and the power associated with lower body rotation. They constantly emphasize core strength and stability, and the importance this has on generating proper torque and balance.

“Their experience provides them with the necessary knowledge on athletic development, injury prevention, and strength and flexibility training.  Their hands-on instruction promote kinesthetic awareness and biomechanically efficient movement patterns that enable athletes to improve technique and ultimately enhance sport performance. ”


Brian Edwards
Head Coach 18U IL Chill  

“My name is Brian Edwards and I have coached an Illinois Chill softball team for the past ten years.  DNA Sports' knowledge and expertise in softball have helped many of my players navigate through the recruiting process to secure scholarships and positions on college teams.  The recruiting videos DNA Sports produced have all received positive feedback.  DNA Sports has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional, accessible, and accommodating to our needs.”


Mike Huber
Chicago White Sox Academy Hitting Coach, College Showcase Coordinator, and Former Division I, Division II, and Junior College Coach

“My name is Mike Huber and I work for the Chicago White Sox Academy in Naperville, Illinois as a hitting instructor and college showcase coordinator. As a former collegiate coach at the Division 1, 2, and Junior College level, I have found the recruiting process to be extremely stressful for parents and the players themselves who are looking for the right fit for their collegiate baseball career.

“Over the years I have seen too many misplaced players who have dedicated themselves to programs that were not right for their skills and goals as players. There have been way too many incidents where I find players who have ended their college careers early because of a lack of research into the programs they decided to attend.

“I see the problem simply as a lack of education and guidance about college recruiting. Most parents and student athletes play the recruiting process too much like a gambling casino rather than a long-term investment into their education and baseball career.  In other words, there needs to be an outlined guidance system that leads respected college prospects to the right types of schools, both from an academic and athletic standpoint. 

“This investment and guidance system I am speaking of is best outlined in DNA Sports’ Collegiate Recruiting Manual, where he very specifically details what college coaches are looking for in a recruit, the academic guidelines to go by, and tips of how and when to start campaigning for your college baseball career. The manual  will  get you going in the right direction and save you many headaches caused by a lack of information and research.

“Andrew Pohl has  extensive experience as a baseball coach, a baseball training facility manager, and a baseball marketing specialist, in addition to working as a scout and a talent evaluator for a major baseball recruiting company. He has taken from all of these experiences the greatest of information that can help future college baseball players get the most comprehensive and realistic information that help them understand where they fit from an athletic and academic standpoint in the most confusing game of college baseball recruiting.

“Working with DNA Sports will save you time and money.  They effectively answer all of the how’s, why's, where's, and what if's concerning college baseball careers. Consider them your college guidance counselor. Your chances of finding the right college will definitely double if you implement DNA Sports’ advice into your college recruiting process.


Ted Krga
High School Baseball Coach

“I have known Dave Rosene since 1996. I was coaching baseball at Washington H. S. and Dave was doing the same at St. Ignatius College Prep, one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. A mutual friend of ours arranged for us to play a practice game.

“The things that have impressed me most about Dave as a baseball coach are: the way he relates to his players no matter what their age; his complete knowledge of the game, specializing in pitching; and his ability to take an average group of players and have them achieve far beyond their ability level by incorporating sound fundamentals in each practice.

“There are no days off in a Dave Rosene baseball season. The amazing thing thing is that the players don't seem to mind. I have coached with Dave at St. Ignatius, Marquette H. S. in Michigan City, In., Clubber's Travel Baseball, and at Jones College prep and it's always the same; the players relate well to Dave, fundamentals are taught and the kids always end up winners on and off the field.”


Robert H. Jenkins
Kenwood Academy Baseball

“I was impressed with Andy the moment I first met him.  He has a passion and enthusiasm for the game which is truly contagious.  He is driven by a desire to teach his players to play the game the right way.  No one should be deceived by his youthful appearance.  That only leads me to think he will coach successfully for a very long time.

“Dave Rosene has been a good friend of mine for over a decade.  He gave me my first coaching job, at the JV level, when he led the program at St. Ignatius.  It was there that Dave coined the phrase baseball intense.

“That phrase has stuck with me from coaching jobs at Harlan Career Academy onto Kenwood Academy, where I currently serve as an assistant varsity coach.  I can honestly say that Dave has been both a mentor and go-to person through out my coaching career.  Often times I find myself consulting him, while watching a pro game for definitions of terms or clarification of strategy.

“Both Dave and Andy are motivated to develop players to their innate potential.  Both teach the fundamentals with patience and attention to detail.  I continue to learn from them both, as they continue to raise the bar and re-define the term baseball intense.”